Welcome to Pinehirst

Pinehirst works with offenders, homeless vulnerable adults and disadvantaged young people, enabling them to resettle back into the community and make a positive contribution. By ensuring they have the right support and motivation during difficult periods, we firmly believe people can move their lives forward, make different choices and turn their backs on crime, rough sleeping, homelessness & anti-social behaviour.

We specialise in working with referral agencies, social services directorates and primary care trusts to provide a planned individualised and comprehensive person-centred service to adults and young people with learning difficulties and complex social and clinical needs.

We have a proven record of quality assurance in the operation of Health and Social Care to our  clientele. We operate to the highest professional standards to ensure quality of staff. We are a flexible and responsive agency run by people who appreciate and understand all our service users’ requirements.  Active partnership members of several organisations and central government initiatives designed to promote human rights, choices, independence, dignity, self direction and training.

Quality Precision is the foundation upon which our service future success will be achieved and is an accurate representation of management’s vision, strategy and commitment to quality. We are proud of our best in class reputation of providing the best healthcare staff, and want this achievement to continue. Translating National Standards and good practise into our policy and process will form part of the overall philosophy and action planning for the future and produce quality outcomes.

Our aim is to provide a holistic approach and work on a multi disciplinary basis using combining resources and existing programmes to approach the after care or prevention of custodial  sentences and homelessness. Using positive interventions which reflect reality.

Our Service model is a flexible and creative team based approach to working with the complex needs and wishes of the client group. It was developed as a means of reaching people who are  difficult to engage or who have been inadequately served in the mainstream development of community and inpatient services. Pinehirst services is primarily about gaining the trust of individuals who are often difficult to engage in services and working with them in their own accommodation environment to promote positive relationships that overcome isolation and encourage interaction with the wider  community.

We see our service as semi independent living allowing service users to remain in our accommodation up to two years whilst we tackle the reasons for their homeless state and any addictions that our present. We begin the process towards independent living.

Pinehirst has been trading since March 2009 and is a Not For Profit Organisation primarily to support ex offenders upon release from prison and dealing with issues of homelessness. The  Directors of the company have a long standing background within the care industry dealing with mental health and physical health related problems.

Our team consists of qualified care workers with vast experience with our present service users who  demonstrate a passionate service in delivering quality support.